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     Dear Client, please read the below terms and conditions before creating the service agreement with BESTRA LTD. As the services agreed by the customer with the company are only offered by BESTRA LTD, the Terms and Conditions applying to the contract are the following:

     Our services and prices:

     BESTRA LTD offers a wide range of services in the UK and abroad, as a fully insured company. There are no hidden charges and there can be negotiable charges, depending on the circumstances. After requesting a quote on the website, the price returned includes all the costs, and a set of additional chargeable services is available on the website. For any additional services required for the delivery, which have not been mentioned in the initial booking form, the customer has the obligation to inform BESTRA LD as soon as possible. BESTRA LTD will try to accommodate your requests, but it takes the freedom to accept or refuse the additional services requests based on the company decision, on the timeframes or capacity.

     The services offered by BESTRA LTD to the customer are to be defined by the customer at the time of the booking form’s filling. Any unspecified or undeclared items, such as parts or panniers, could result in additional charges at the collection point, or could not be included in the delivery. The items that will no be included in the delivery are the responsibility of the customer and the decision will be taken by the employees of BESTRA LTD. Packaging services could also be offered by BESTRA LTD – this option is to be mentioned in the booking form, otherwise BESTRA LTD takes the right to not accept extra items or to refuse the delivery, on collection.


     Once the price returned by BESTRA LTD to the customer, based on the booking form, the payment is expected as a confirmation of the services. No services are expected from or offered by BESTRA LTD to the customer unless the payment confirmation against the booking details and the price is done.  The payment methods accepted by BESTRA LTD are in cash or by bank transfer. BESTRA LTD does not accept payments by cheques.

Once the payment is done by the customer to BESTRA LTD, therefore the booking delivery has been accepted by the customer, a full copy of the company’s Terms and Conditions will be emailed to the customer.

     Collections/Delivery Terms:

     At the collection time and place agreed and confirmed previously by the customer with BESTRA LTD, the following obligations and responsibilities apply:

  1. The customer has the responsibility to ensure parking before the arrival of the driver – if any issues could be encountered, BESTRA LTD has to be made aware of the situation in order to avoid any inconvenience on the day.

  2. The customer has the responsibility to properly pack any accompanying goods declared and specified in the booking form. Any liability for damages resulting from the poor packaging of the customer will not be taken by BESTRA LTD. BESTRA LTD has the responsibility to ensure no damages to the goods happen during transit.

  3. At collection, any keys or documents/papeworks should be personally handed to the driver – an inventory form is filled, dated and signed by both the driver and the customer. The driver will securely store any items received and listed on the inventory form from the collection to the delivery point. At delivery, any items given by the customer to the driver will be handed to the person responsible at the delivery point agreed. The inventory form has to be dated and signed by the person at delivery and by the driver.

  4. At collection, at the arrival of the driver, a collection note is filled in by the driver with any existing damages of the goods – the note and additional pictures taken by the driver have to be dated and signed by the customer.

  5. The customer has the responsibility to check the goods upon arrival, filling, dating and signing the collection/delivery note.

  6. All the collections and deliveries are from/to the Ground Floor/ Kerbside of the premises – for circumstance where items need to be carried over long distances or there are steps/stairs involved, the customer has the obligation to inform BESTRA LTD prior the collection or delivery time.

  7. BESTRA LTD has the responsibility to keep in touch with the customer at all time – therefore waiting time on arrival of a driver at the collection or delivery point will be chargeable. A minimum of £40/hour fee will be applied and the customer is obligated to pay the charges before the load/unload of the goods. The maximum waiting time is an hour.


     Cancellations and Failed Collections:    

     Any cancellation request made by the customer before a pickup that has been arranged between the customer and BESTRA LTD will result in 70% refund to the customer of the price paid to BESTRA LTD.

If the cancellation request is made by the customer once the pickup date has been arranged, the customer receives 50% refund of the price paid to BESTRA LTD.

If a cancellation request is made by a customer after the pickup date has been attempted and the collection or delivery failed, BESTRA LTD regrettably will not refund the customer.

     If BESTRA LTD and the customer has agreed a date for collection or delivery and BESTRA LTD is unable to carry out the service safely for any reason, 100% of the price paid by the customer to BESTRA LTD on the delivery confirmation will be payable and no refund claims will be accepted. For the re-delivery of a failed collection/delivery, the customer is obligated to contact BESTRA LTD as soon as possible, and BESTRA LTD has the right to requote the delivery as considered.



     If your goods have been damaged during transit, please contact us immediately via email. All claims for Loss/Damages of goods are carried out in accordance with our Terms and Conditions. The damage claims that are made after the sign off of the delivery note will not be taken in taken in consideration – the claims should be made before signing the delivery note.

     The claims emails have to include the booking/delivery reference, a presentation of the situation alongside evidences supporting the loss/damages claimed.

     Any claim sent after the delivery will not be considered by BESTRA LTD.





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